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Our Story

Story Bar, LLC is a multi-disciplinary arts initiative featuring storytelling and the exploration of the human condition through all its programming.

Coming soon, Story Bar will open a space that offers art-based events and programs, with a focus on a different medium every weeknight. The weekend will feature a cross-platform schedule of events, which will bring artists from multiple disciplines together. During the day, Story Bar will provide a dedicated, communal space for artists to work on and develop their craft, offering an environment that fosters creativity, community, and collaboration.

In advance of opening its doors, Story Bar will present a series of pop-up “Story Mixers” throughout town in partnership with like-minded artists and art organizations. Visit our events page for more information.

The idea of Story Bar grew out of the desire to provide a home for artists of varying disciplines to converge, support one another, and express themselves through their preferred method of creativity. The initial concept has since matured to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing creative hub, where perhaps the only group that surpasses those looking for a place to tell their story are those looking for a place to listen.